Utah Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Legal Assistance from a Utah Patent Attorney

Patents and trademarks are a powerful necessity for protecting your ideas. However, obtaining and securing them can be a complicated legal process. To protect your ideas, you should work with a qualified patent or trademark attorney from Utah Patents. We will guide you through intellectual property law so that you can maximize the value of your ideas.

Morriss O’Bryant Compagni, P.C. has over 15 years of experience with intellectual property law in Utah. You can trust in our experience to get you the protection your ideas need. Great ideas require research and development that can take years to complete. That time investment is something that you simply cannot afford to lose. By using the legal experts at Utah Patents, you can secure the rights to your ideas. We will evaluate your invention or design and determine the legal protection that’s correct for you. We also understand the importance of trademark and copyright law, and will assist you in protecting you with all types of intellectual property law.

When do I need to file for a patent?

When it comes to patents, the sooner, the better. As the inventor and creator, you have the right to file a patent or trademark for your creation. However, to get the rights afforded by a United States patent, you need to meet certain deadlines. From the first time you reveal your invention to the public through advertising, sale, or demonstration, you have one year to file a patent. Because these terms are so broad, you should assume that once you have shown the invention to another person other than for research, you have one year to file. By sharing your invention with a Utah patent attorney from MOC, P.C., you can ensure that your patent will be filed in due time to receive legal protection.